Plastic Buckle, Snap Hooks For Manufacturer and Designer
Plastic buckle, hook, clip, lock, ring, snaps and stud.
Heavy duty plastic buckle, lock, hook, snap hook, snaps, clip, bolt snap, ring and stud for manufacturer and designer of handbag, webbing, lanyard, belt buckle, pet lock, cord lock, shoe lock, carrying bag or sportswear etc.
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 Plastic Buckle Series 1: Belt
    Buckles, Pet Locks, Shoe Locks, Tri-Rings Plastic Buckle Series 2: D-Rings,
    SQUARE Rings, Glides, Ladder Locks, Glove Hook Rings Plastic Buckle Series 3: Snap Hooks,
    Hooks, Studs, Bag Buckles, Clip Locks Bold Snaps, Snap Hooks HP1145 Bolt Snaps with Key Ring hp313

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